Feb 13, 2021

Cipher’s Quest Audiobook is live on Audible

Cipher’s Quest: A Sci-fi Fantasy LitRPG (Ciphercraft Book 1) by Tim Kaiver Narrated by: Ryan Burke | Produced by Podium. Length: 11 hrs and 10 mins Release date: 02-02-21 Click Here! Book summary: The system that time forgot suddenly shows back up.The Cipher ran the universe with its game-like rules, and it has chosen Cullen, an exiled bounty hunter, to be the method of its return. He’s given a quest to free a telepathic mother and son from wrongful imprisonment. If he can break his targets out of prison, they’ll have to level up, learn new skills, and hunt down the prophecy’s clues. All while facing down berserkers and EMP-hurling tigers in a jungle that offers no succor. The promised reward is that the Cipher […]

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