May 15, 2021

LitRPG Inspired by Strategy Games – Warcraft and Age of Empires.

Like some authors in the LitRPG field, I combined my love of writing science fiction and fantasy with games I miss playing like Warcraft 2 and Age of Empires. I played those games through high school, but then spent a ton of time in college and graduate school reading books. With my preferred hobbies of writing, reading and skateboarding, I lost track of the games I used to enjoy. Then I got married and had kids. You get it.In 2017, I discovered LitRPG and was amazed at how the authors included quests, leveling up and loot drops to the kinds of adventures I’d loved for decades. Since then, I have mostly read LitRPG, and have penned my own series called Ciphercraft. The story introduces a […]

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