May 2, 2020

Tim Kaiver

Ciphercraft series at a glance

Ciphercraft is currently a three book unpublished series with book three nearing the end of draft one. Book one is waiting to find a publisher, and in the meantime I’m writing the series and building this site as a place for LitRPG readers. The series starts with a sci-fi feel similar to Stargate or Dune, but as new worlds are discovered, it transitions into an epic fantasy type of adventure akin to Final Fantasy and The Land.

Background on the universe and story: The Cipher has been locked for millennia. The ancients who used it have vanished, and the people spared from a great genocide are exploring the universe for planets with clues to unlock the Cipher before their enemies find them. What is the Cipher exactly, and how can it help the Rucien survive as their galactic enterprise seems on its last leg and the Osuna near to finding their homeworld?

Book One: Cipher’s Quest Introduces us to Cullen Re, exiled son of the Star General. Now a bounty hunter who survives undercover for fear of the Osuna discovering his heritage and that his father let him escape with his memories. Pullspace technology uses memories to open wormholes, and while he could use them to return home, he would risk execution, for him and his father. The story starts with a prisoner exchange and a strange message, “Welcome to the Cipher.”

His first quest will be to rescue two telepaths en route to returning home to open the Cipher for all. In their path, other telepaths, called rejects due to their mental instability, will try and stop their path to obtain the clues necessary to open the Cipher. As Cullen, Ehli and her son Emmit try to survive Reject Jungle and complete their mission, they are given provisional access to the powers of the Cipher, where XP grants new levels, new abilities and bonus powers to help them along the way. Succeed in obtaining all the clues and the ship powerful enough to pullspace to the Rucien homeworld and they will unlock the Cipher for every life across the universe — not just the Osuna and those who would serve to destroy life.

I don’t want to spoil books two or three, but to prime your excitement, expect new classes, a portal into a magical world, and the awakening of cities and enemies with powers beyond imagination.