February 13, 2021

Tim Kaiver

Cipher’s Quest Audiobook is live on Audible

Cipher’s Quest: A Sci-fi Fantasy LitRPG (Ciphercraft Book 1) by Tim Kaiver

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Narrated by: Ryan Burke | Produced by Podium.

Length: 11 hrs and 10 mins

Release date: 02-02-21

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Book summary:

The system that time forgot suddenly shows back up.
The Cipher ran the universe with its game-like rules, and it has chosen Cullen, an exiled bounty hunter, to be the method of its return. He’s given a quest to free a telepathic mother and son from wrongful imprisonment. If he can break his targets out of prison, they’ll have to level up, learn new skills, and hunt down the prophecy’s clues. All while facing down berserkers and EMP-hurling tigers in a jungle that offers no succor.

The promised reward is that the Cipher will grant access and the associated power to all of his embattled people, turning the tide in the galactic war that’s ravaging the cosmos.

Includes “Apocalypse Archer”, a bonus story from the Ciphercraft series.

More about the narrator: I first fell in love with Ryan’s work in the LitRPG series, Arcane Kingdom Online by Jakob Tanner. Ryan’s gift enables him to tell the story with such character and weaving between forms, from action to stats, to dialogue and inner monologue, creating a truly immersive experience. I’m sure that also had to do with Jakob’s talent in storytelling as well, but I’m excited for what Ryan will have done with my Ciphercraft Book One. As a bonus, it includes the novelette, Apocalypse Archer at the end of Cipher’s Quest, all for one purchase.

Other cool news and deals:

I’m a podcast host again! You may know about the awesome LitRPG Guild, and how I volunteer there as a LitRPG Guildmaster. Well, now I’ve expanded my role from helping with the street team to hosting our Author Interviews podcast. Check out our YouTube channel for LitRPG author interviews and author’s reading their books. Our latest episode featured an interview with John L. Monk, author of the new Aethon Books title, Underpowered Howard.

Sean Oswald released Watcher’s Repose (Life in Exile, Book 4). I love his audio books, and think this series is top notch among fantasy and LitRPG.

Phoenix Grey’s books were one of my early favorites in LitRPG. Her MC, Will fits the bill for a prototypical sympathetic lead stuck in a game.

If you’re in Prime, the first book is free. Here’s the link to the box set of the first three.

Ciphercraft news:

I’m finishing my edits of book three, and recently finished a new book, Dreadlord Wizard, Book 1 while I’m waiting on edits for that. It’s now live on Royal Road, if you want to start reading. It’s a crunchier LitRPG fantasy that includes wizardry, base building, minecrafting and humor.

Podium Announced Windwalker (Ciphercraft Book 2) will launch on Audible 3/23/21! I can’t wait :).

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Tim Kaiver backlist:
Cipher’s Quest (Ciphercraft Book 1) (Audiobook | KU and Paperback)

Windwalker (Ciphercraft Book 2) (Amazon – Kindle Unlimited and Paperback)

FREE: Apocalypse Archer (Ciphercraft Origins, 1) (Amazon | Free with newsletter subscription)

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