Cipher’s Quest: Book One of the Ciphercraft Series – LitRPG Sci-fi Fantasy by Tim Kaiver — Releasing July 21, 2020.

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No quest is easy that involves telepaths.

Cipher’s Quest begins with bounty hunters hired to rescue a mother and child. A strange message appears to one of them saying, “Welcome to the Cipher.” The first quest will take them through Reject Jungle, where not all telepathic engineering has turned out well. The native tigers with EMP powered tails aren’t fond of either side. Will the exiled son complete his quest of delivering the ones who would open the Cipher for all? An intergalactic war rests on their success. So does the opportunity to gain the powers of the Cipher, no matter which side you’re on.

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Cipher’s Quest is book one in a series inspired by Final Fantasy VI. XP, new classes and abilities await, if the first quest can open the Cipher for all.

Inspired by a love of Space adventures like Dune and Stargate, Cipher’s Quest introduces an exploratory team discovering new abilities that will uproot power in the universe, but not before inviting the tyrants to play.

“What is LitRPG?”

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