May 3, 2020

Tim Kaiver

LitRPG series of the month – May – Sky Realms Online by Troy Osgood

Skyrealms Online is a favorite series within the LitRPG genre. The mystery of being trapped in a gameworld combines with party adventure reminiscent of Dragonlance Chronicles. I’m a big fan, and wanted to make a video to share why. Below are the three books in the series so far and some brief video reviews of each.

The first video is for the series through book three in overview form and as an introduction and recommendation to new readers. The other two are more focused on books two and three respectively. If you enjoy Fantasy or LitRPG or both, definitely check this series out. The audiobook production by Pavi Proczko and Aethon Audio is superb.

Troy has big plans for this year and going forward. Check him out on his Patreon, his Facebook group Ossy’s Worlds, and join our LitRPG Adventurers Guild. Thanks also to Aethon Books and their Street Team page for introducing me to Troy’s work.