May 6, 2020

Tim Kaiver

New LitRPG releases 5/5/20

Aberrant Quest: The Blood Crown Book 2 (A LitRPG Adventure) by Damian Boyle

The battle has only just begun…

Altered Realms: Ascension (Book 1). A LitRPG Fantasy Adventure by B.F. Rockriver

Some people dream of getting a second chance at life. For Eli Miller, it was never a choice.

Koala Online by Max Geek

Ranger is a koala in the Dallas Zoo. Famous in his younger years, now he couldn’t be more bored.

Force Cultivation (The Heavenly Throne Book 1): A LitRPG Wuxia Series by Yuri Ajin

Learn the true nature of the Force. It’s more complicated than you think.

Bio Dungeon: Symbiote (The Body’s Dungeon Book 1) by Jeffrey Falcon Logue and Jonathan Brooks

In the icy north exists a young orphan, and a war on a microscopic scale.

Grim Beginnings: The Ashen Plane – Book I, A LitRPG Series by Maxwell Farmer

Accepting the undead creature’s power and a second chance at life, John is given a new name: Grim.

If you’re on Facebook, you can also check out the LitRPG Adventurers Guild and the LitRPG Releases groups for new releases and LitRPG discussions. There are plenty of groups, but for today I’ll highlight those.

I saw a bunch of new releases today, so thought I’d make a post. I took the day off today after a grueling past six weeks. It was nice. My Ciphercraft series is up to book three, and I crossed the 100,000 word mark on draft one today. The focus of this book has been city building and what it would be like to start a city with few people while various threats prevent the new leader from gaining ground in any one area. I’m praying about book one getting published, but I also have to be patient, so in the mean time I’m writing away–and loving my family, working hard, and praising God for the blessings I already have. Enjoy these new releases!