Through my partnership with Babelcube, I’ve met a wonderful translator team that is creating Spanish versions of my Sci-fi Fantasy LitRPG series, Ciphercraft. This page will be dedicated to sharing other great Spanish LitRPG, Gamelit and Cultivation books.

So far, here is a collection I’ve found of friends with Spanish LitRPG’s on Amazon.

Fragmentos de Divinidad: Una Aventura LitRPG Versión Kindle
de Jamey Sultan (Autor), Diego Alejandro Bustos (Traductor)
El Reino Entre Mundos: La Maldición Versión Kindle
de Phoenix Grey (Autor), Diego Alejandro Bustos (Traductor) 
El Bardo Rebelde (Spanish Edition – Fantasy LitRPG) Kindle Edition
by Lars M. (Author), Alejandra Palopoli (Translator)