Going forward, my LitRPG books will be written under the new penname, Theo Hodges. This new series, Badges of Dorkdom, is a new start for me after the Ciphercraft series failed. I learned quite a bit from writing Ciphercraft, and put that into this new series where it is Fantasy right from the start, gets right into full game mode litrpg elements—instead of Cipher’s Quest where it doesn’t fully kick in until the end of the book—and this new series has more humor. My publisher, Aethon Books thought I’d be setup better for success with this fresh start, so here we go. Theo Hodges. Dreadlord Wizard is book one. I will let you know here as soon as we have more news.

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Dreadlord Wizard (Badges of Dorkdom 1) by Theo Hodges

InterRealm is a real-life wargame where defenders are portaled in from their homeworld and forced to survive in a fantasy landscape. 

Build a powerful presence in InterRealm and your homeworld will likely remain safe. Fail, and the invaders will break through.

If there’s any consolation prize between Kenny getting to be a famous wizard, or building a dreadfortress from the bones of his enemies, it may not be enough to make up for the fact that real live orcs are trying to kill him.  To top it all off, the game master in his head couldn’t be any less impressed with his assignment.

Someone obviously botched their chances when they chose a future college dropout named Kenny. His opportunity to prove everyone wrong starts now…